Wordmark (logo) design + Stationery

Client: Music & Beyond

Designer: Milusha Petrica (me)


Music & Beyond is a new classical music and multi-disciplinary arts festival based in Ottawa, Ontario. The festival pursues links with other art forms and cultural disciplines and music including visual art, drama, poetry, dance, architecture, science, law, food and wine and even yoga. Music and Beyond is virtually unique in the international field of music festivals. By tying together a wide range of other cultural disciplines, the festival creates a more “festive” atmosphere and help to attract an even broader audience to music.

M&B had a wordmark that was outdated and did not showcase the festival in its true light. I worked on a myriad of concepts before arriving at this particular one. I kept in mind that the client wanted a refreshed and elegant look. A design that would appeal to a younger demographic whilst still satisfying their loyal fan base. Since the Artistic and  Executive Director of the festival was a musician himself and a cellist, we settled on a cello neck as the icon flanked by English and French text in a mature typeface to convey the bilingual aspect of the company.




Client: Friends of Abandoned Pets (FOAP)

Freelance: Milusha Design

This is a non-profit organization that rescues pets and provides a safe-haven in the form of fostering before they go to their “forever home”. They have a Dog Walk every year in Ottawa and I volunteered my services for 3 years. This included designing their poster, registration form panel, ads as well as their T-shirt that they gave away at the Dog Walk. This is a sample of their brand for the Dog walk that was used for 3 years.


The Trilogy Brand

Client: Trilogy Environmental Systems Inc.

Freelance: Milusha Design

Trilogy was based on providing safe drinking water for a thirsty world. Their whole company was based on “water” and they wanted to convey that through their logo and include: water, wind and air, essential elements to their process.